Corporate Crime


Private individuals and corporate crime arena, which advises on international investigations regarding corruption, bribery, sanctions and money laundering. These sorts of crime sometimes referred to as white collar crimes.

This combination of criminal, regulatory and civil fraud expertise across many jurisdictions is a formidable resource for clients requiring assistance with concurrent civil, criminal and regulatory issues. This approach allows us to develop a cohesive strategy for clients who are the focus of regulatory investigations or a threatened prosecution.

    It also enables us to deliver cost effective and tailored solutions, whilst ensuring a co-ordinated and harmonious response to regulators and any litigation counter parties.

    The discovery of fraud within an organisation can not only damage its reputation but shake the confidence of its lenders, shareholders, employees and customers.

    We also conduct compliance programmes to reduce the risk of money laundering, bribery, corruption and fraud, and facilitate asset tracing, whistle blowing and high standards of corporate ethics.

    You can expect a comprehensive case plan, updated as the case progresses. You will know the tasks being undertaken on your behalf and the timetable for completion. There will be regular meetings to discuss progress and to review tactics. In addition, we would want to involve you in the choice of junior and leading advocates. In all, a defence package we can be proud of and you can trust.


      Corruption is a dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. It is a process by which something, typically a word or expression, is changed from its original use or meaning to one that is regarded as erroneous or debased.

      Investigation and prosecution of such offence may be conducted by the Police or Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). We have a track record of handling significant, high-profile bribery and corruption issues for blue-chip multinationals including: assisting with policies and procedures; risk management; handling global investigations; and defence. We also regularly conduct due diligence into, and advise on strategies to deal with foreign agents or intermediaries and mergers and acquisitions/joint venture targets.

      We can call upon a network of trusted local counsel with whom we have built good working relationships.  We provide practical advice. Our lawyers are reliable in the sense that they are always available – this is helpful in a practice when you never know when you will need advice to act quickly.

      Drugs Offences

      The law on drugs in Malaysia consist of possession, consumption or traffic. It is governed by the Dangerous Drugs Ac 1952. Being a criminal lawyer, our firm had been defending numerous drugs offences cases. These cases include an innocent carrier, wrong place wrong time incident, scapegoats cases and many more.

      The principle of innocent until proven guilty had been practices in our Courts. As such every person charged must have the right to be heard fairly.

      Malaysia is one of the country in the world which still convicts a trafficker to the gallows. Being an experienced criminal lawyer, we would advise that obtaining the right advice is vital in any drugs offences in Malaysia.

      Furthermore, as the rightful owner of any property, we will advise our clients on the best way to protect your property from any forfeiture proceeding. As the right for a property is a constitutional right.


      General Crime and Advice

      As specialist advocates we can make sure that your side of things is put across as you would want it done – making sure you are heard. Whether it is a guilty plea or advice on your defence, everyone benefits from top quality, professional representation.

      Being arrested can be a scary experience. Suddenly you are in handcuffs, then taken to a police station and then into a cell. What is happening to you is often completely out of your control. Our clients tell us they can feel isolated and that no one is listening to them. That is where we come in.

      Our role is to make sure you know what is happening and what your options are. We can help you feel better equipped to explain your side of things or advise you on when to use other options, like not answering questions.

      We can also help with negotiations with a prosecuting authority to avoid a prosecution or to give you advice on how to pro-actively prepare a defence from the outset.

      Our expertise includes:

      • Representing clients
      • Making representations that charges should not be brought
      • Defending criminal proceedings
      • Advising clients in relation to complaints against the police
      • Advising on the interaction of criminal proceedings with Inquiries & Inquests
      • Dawn Raids
      • Theft, Burglary & Robbery
      • Offences Against The Person
      • Official Secrets Act
      • Cybercrime & Data Theft
      • Criminal Restraint & Confiscation
      • Money Laundering
      • Drug Offences
      • Sexual Offences
      • Harassment
      • Murder & Manslaughter
      • Road Traffic Offences ie ,Careless driving, Drink driving and Dangerous driving

      Internet Crime

      Many people accused of internet offending have themselves been duped or taken advantage of by others. Cyberlaw or Internet law is a term that encapsulates legal issues related to use of the Internet. It is less a distinct field of law than intellectual property or contract law, as it is a domain covering many areas of law and regulation.The reasons for this are perhaps obvious, people are by and large less sure of what they need to do to protect their security online and those committing crime can reach many people simultaneously. Also, the police require significant resources to detect and prosecute complex crime of this nature.

      We can more effectively represent our clients if we add to our own legal skills assisted by independent expert on computer forensic and forensic accountants. Of course, internet crime is a broad area and we have represented clients in a variety of different areas.

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