Civil Litigation

Matrimonial related matters:

  • Handle matrimonial disputes such as Divorce proceedings, both Mutual as well as contested, maintenance and child custodial issues.

Property related matters:

  • Handle partition suits, suits for declaration and permanent injunction, cancellation of sale deeds, etc.
  • Represent clients before Courts in matters pertaining to land acquisition matters.

Labour and Service matters:

  • Representation before Labour Courts, Industrial Courts, petitions relating to labour and service related matters.


  • Drafting and reviewing of arbitration clauses in contracts and arbitration agreements.
  • Drafting of statement of claims, rejoinders, interim applications, replies, affidavits etc and other legal documentations.
  • Appearing before Arbitral Tribunals.
  • Assist in execution of arbitral awards
  • Assist in challenging arbitral awards before higher authorities.

Recovery Suits:

  • Handle recovery of money suits including summary suits.
  • Represent clients in matters pertaining to recovery of immovable property, movable property, execution of foreign degrees in India and many more.

Testamentary and Intestate succession matters:

  • File petitions before Courts for obtaining probate of will, Letters of Administration, etc.



Inaccurate story about you. Our services shall include the law on libel and slander. These are govern by the law of defamation. It is a way to in the legal tool to prevent unjustified statement, media coverage or even uploads in most jurisdictions. The power of the internet and social media mean that it can be essential to approach different organisations across the world. In the event a person, a company or an institution had been the subject of adverse publicity, then you need to know the legal options.

Legal opinion of lawyers on your behalf on pre-publication can alter the way that the media outlet approaches the story.

After publication, the prospect of a defamation claim may result in the immediate apology which you need to reassure your stakeholders and to restore your reputation. Leaving an inaccurate story on record without challenge means it is likely to be repeated in the future.

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